Friday, June 17, 2011

Gilles, Brothers, Sisters & I

this picture is starting to be everywhere
it will be part of an episode in an upcoming episode of the new season for "brother & sisters"

Gilles made me the honor to write the préface of my new book "CINQ". (available on )

I had the chance to discover Gilles, when he was doing his military service, in Paris back in may 1994. Working with Gilles for more than 15 years has been a rare privilege.
I am thankful to my special friend for such a professional response and enthusiasm.
From day one, I knew that Gilles had everything to become a Star. Year after year, Gilles showed that he had all the required talent. Being also a perfectionist and a complete workaholic, while never giving up also helped. I am not surprised about his success and frankly he totally deserves it.

this picture is extracted from the Gilles marini 2010 calendar (Month of November) which was highly successful in the US (available on


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AXEL hôtel BERLIN present "CINQ" by Fred Goudon

Fred Goudon's "CINQ" exhibition
Lietzenburger Straße, 13/15, 10789, Schöneberg, Berlin
till Febuary 26th 2011.

Thomas running in Montmartre

DON'T TELL MY TAILOR by fred goudon

Mister France 2011 first photo Shoots by Fred Goudon

WILLY MONFRET super model & DJ

With his dreamy blue-green eyes Willy Monfret captured the hearts of thousands of women across the globe as the love interest of rapper Nicki Minaj in her ‘Right Through Me’ video.
Originally from France, he is the only child of a French mother and a father from the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe. Growing up, a lot of his childhood was spent playing basketball and soccer and he credits sports with teaching him some of the best life lessons. Some of his favorite childhood memories include regular Sunday break dancing with friends, where, according to Willy, his version of break dancing looked more like freestyle capoeira combined with some of Will Smith’s moves on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Currently, Willy is signed to Red Model Management and also deejays. Before he was traveling the globe and headlining advertisements for notable brands including L’Oreal, Ralph Lauren, Pierre Cardin, and Diesel, Willy was an all-star athlete with a promising future as a professional track & field sportsman. A career-ending injury brought a sudden end to his dream and ultimately changed the course of his life. Now, as an international model, he lives his passions which include meeting new people and seeing new places, of which he counts Australia and Cape Town, South Africa as among his favorite.

In addition to sports, Willy is a fan of Japanese manga and anime. At the moment, he is single and says that his ideal woman would be down-to-earth and embody a natural essence. His career plans include venturing in to new forms of entertainment, with acting being at the top of his list. He’s taken it on as a personal challenge to do so in English, which is not his first language.

With over 12,000 fans on Facebook and more than 5,000 on Twitter, (which are both updated by him), Willy is enjoying connecting with the fans that have reached out to him online and at his many social events.

He currently lives and works in the US and is ready to take his career to the next level in 2011 and beyond.

First Love and other pains (1998) One of them


Subtitles hardcoded English

Across the boundaries they find each other... in this post-colonial romance. A cynical English professor discovers love in the form of an admiring student. But is it too late for him to find happiness?

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Majalah Gadis 1989 - 34

Bintang Sampul : Susan Bachtiar

Majalah Gadis 1989 - 7

Bintang Sampul: Arsukma Dewanti Bauty dan Arsukma Dewinta Bauty

Majalah Gadis Edisi Tahunan 1991

Bintang Sampul : Siti Rahmayanti (Gadis Sampul 1990)

Majalah Gadis 1989 - 2

Bintang Sampul : Sita

Majalah Gadis 1993 - 24

Bintang Sampul : Jihan Fahira, Fara Dilla,Putri Gayatri Jauhari, Thessalonica Kaunang, Marina Anggari

Majalah Gadis 1993 - 34

Bintang Sampul : Mellyana Manuhutu

The Place Between Our Bodies

Movie short

There is nudity and sex in this documentary

This pre-AIDS film offers an explicit exploration of gay male sexuality. Dealing with sexual love and sexual hunger this film shows how tenderness can enter into the male sexual act.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

On_Line (2002)


English HI:

In New York, John Roth (Josh Hamilton) and Lawrence "Moe" Curley (Harold Perrineau) are friends, roommates and partners in a pornographic adult site called Intercon-X, where the fantasies of costumers may be satisfied, being necessary only a computer and a credit card. John is very lonely and has difficulties to deal with real people, and Moe is a "walking penis", only interested in having sex with women. John peeps Angel (Liz Owens) and the delicious Jordan Nash (Vanessa Ferlito), and one day he makes contact with Jordan and they date. Meanwhile, the depressed owner of a thematic bar, Moira Ingalls (Isabell Gillies), meets Moe and she falls in love for him, stops using pills and leaves her suicidal chartroom, keeping only touch with the twenty years old gay virtual friend Ed Simone (Eric Millegan), who is also lonely and likes Al Fleming (John Fleck) from Intercon-X. The reaction of each person outside virtual world meeting the other one is very different, but in the end, there is a message of hope.